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At Clickety Split Dog Training, we are passionate about helping dog owners get the best out of their beloved family members. Our methods are designed to be effective, efficient and focused on results in the shortest amount of time. We focus on all aspects of dog training, including basic obedience commands, socialization, potty training, loose lead walking and more.

We know that each dog is an individual with their very own personality as well as quirks and habits, so our training system is tailored specifically to suit each animal’s character. We give 1-to-1 classes for dogs of all ages and abilities – from puppies to seniors – teaching them impulse control and how to interact with other animals safely and positively in your day-to-day activities together.

Beyond basic commands we can help you teach your pup more intricate behaviors such as tricks or sports like agility or flyball. Our team of expert trainers has extensive experience with problem solving issues like separation anxiety or reactivity towards people or other animals. Whether you have a smiley Labradoodle looking for a job to do or a mischievous Jack Russel needing some manners; our lessons will provide you with the tools you need to make your relationship rewarding right away.

At Clickety Split Dog Training we believe that a balanced relationship between pet parent and pup should always be put first no matter what goals they set out to achieve. With clear communication and consistency in both home exercise programs and our classes we work hard to ensure that good foundations are laid in order for real progress to be made towards effectively rectifying unwanted behaviors both large -such as aggression-and small –for example excessive barking-. We make sure that when it comes to our services everybody wins!

About the Trainers


Phil is the head trainer and owner of Clickety Split Dog Training. He has 10 years of experience in professional dog training and dog behavior modification, as well as a Master’s degree in Veterinary Health Sciences. Phil uses his expertise to find creative solutions for every situation he encounters. He is motivated by giving back to the animal-human bond, having taught an estimated 1,000 pet owners practical training techniques throughout his career. His creative approach to teaching encourages the development of strong bonds between humans and their companion animals. He currently lectures at local universities on the importance of humane behavior management and animal welfare techniques.

Benefits of Training

Training your dog with Clickety Split has far reaching benefits that go beyond the obvious physical ones such as improved behavior, reduced stress, and better overall health. By engaging in clicker training together, pet parents and their pets form a strong emotional bond. Dogs build trust as they understand better what’s expected of them and develop a deeper understanding of their owner’s voice and body language. This can help lead to a calmer household with fewer instances of destructive behaviors resulting from stress or boredom. Finally, clicker training also reinforces positive behaviors that your pup already knows which helps them stay sharp and active mentally – enabling them to live happier, healthier lives for much longer.

Step-by-Step Training Tips

Clickety Split Dog Training is an online service offering step-by-step training tips that make it easy for new owners to train their dogs. For each lesson, you’ll receive a detailed list of instructions on how to teach your pup the skills they will need to become a well-mannered adult. Each lesson plan is written with retention-friendly methods, allowing owners to remember and apply them with ease. You don’t even have to worry about finding time for private lessons; Clickety Split allows you to work on training your dog from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Additionally, if you need additional guidance or assistance, you can take advantage of Clickety Split’s complimentary follow-up tutorials or live video conference calls. This way, any questions that may arise throughout the program can be answered in real time by experienced professionals. Whether this is your first time training a pup or you simply need extra help getting your four-legged friend up to speed, Clickety Split has something for everyone.

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Before and After Testimonials

Clickety Split Dog Training is a unique service dedicated to transforming the lives of dogs and their owners. Through professional obedience training, they help owners learn how to better handle their dog’s needs and provide valuable support that allows them to feel more secure about managing challenging behaviors.

Not only does Clickety Split Dog Training focus on providing quality instruction for both the dog and its owner, but it also showcases the transformative power of its services through before-and-after testimonials. In these stories, owners share how their pet’s behavior changed once they began working with Clickety Split trainers — from pulling on the leash during walks to being able to greet strangers with controlled enthusiasm. By allowing customers to observe first-hand just how valuable professional training can be, it helps convince potential customers that signing up for Clickety Split’s services is truly worth it.

The before-and-after testimonials provided by Clickety Split Dog Training are not only effective in convincing potential clients that the service works, but they are also inspiring reminders of what proper guidance and patience can achieve when it comes to raising a well-behaved pup. This can encourage dog owners who may have been feeling overwhelmed by their own training methods or results previously that success is possible under the right guidance. Not only do such testimonials show off remarkable transformations in behavior, but many also feature bonus happy endings where new friendships between dog and humans form due to improved behavior—driving home the fact that canine companions deserve more respect than what bad habits would have them receive without proper guidance.

Training Approach

Clickety Split Dog Training offers a balanced, humane approach to training that focuses on positive reinforcement while still being aware of the individual needs of each dog. They create reward systems and personalised plans that are tailored to the learning habits and behaviors of each dog. They train using only humane techniques such as clicker training and marker-based training, which encourages the dogs to form fun, positive connections with their owners.

This rewarding style of training helps owners to build stronger bonds with their pets, creating stronger mutual respect between both parties. This type of relationship also leads to greater trust and loyalty from the pet, making future training much easier for both animal and owner. Additionally, this type of reward system allows trainers to set achievable goals for increasing obedience and comprehension during sessions. The fact that rewards are given instead of punishments makes it much more enjoyable for both dog and trainer alike. Clickety Split’s unique method is not only efficient but also effective in producing better results with shorter sessions. This facilitates an efficient learning process that is more suitable for busy pet owners who want their pets trained quickly but correctly.

Pricing and Payment Options

Clickety Split Dog Training offers a range of payment options for customers. Depending on the type of services desired, owners can choose from a single session, package deal, customized package, or membership option.

Single session pricing allows owners to pay for the exact services they are looking for rather than committing to an ongoing program. Package deals offer discounts when multiple sessions are booked in advance so owners can save some money on each training session. Customized packages help newcomers get access to what their dogs need quickly and efficiently by combining lessons into one larger lesson plan. Membership options provide additional savings with an unlimited number of training sessions per month at a reduced rate. While this option is more expensive up-front due to the monthly fee, it becomes increasingly beneficial over time as long as the owner is able to do multiple sessions per month or two months.

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Owners who need extra assistance may also consider Clickety Split’s pet sitter/dog walker service which comes with an added fee but provides additional convenience and opportunity for continuing progress in training goals throughout the week in between dog training sessions.. Additionally, any purchases made through Clickety Split will be eligible for discounted rates or rewards such as complimentary products and/or services from our associates.


Clickety Split Dog Training offers courses in a variety of locations around the country. Our training classes are held in parks, animal shelters, pet stores, and other outdoor areas. In addition, we offer private lessons in owners’ homes or private spaces. Our trainers have had experience with all breeds and sizes of dogs so there is something available for everyone and their pup! We understand that it’s hard to break away from work and family obligations so our trainers can accommodate for busy schedules as well. We are committed to training your dog to be an obedient member of your family no matter where you live or how busy your lifestyle is! So sign up today and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to train your dog with Clickety Split Dog Training.


At Clickety Split Dog Training, we understand how important it is for dog owners to have the right resources to help with their dog training questions and help them become better pet parents. To that end, we offer a comprehensive list of links on our website that can provide more information about the best training methods and approaches. These links include a wide variety of articles and videos related to topics such as basic obedience, socialization, potty-training, behavioral issues, and more. We also provide links to products and services that can help in your training endeavors. For example, you’ll find links to interactive toys and puzzles to keep your pup interested in learning; expert advice from veterinarians or certified trainers; classes taught at various pet stores or online; and webinars from leading professionals in the pet industry. Finally, if you’re looking for additional support after bringing home a new pup or dealing with complex behavior problems with an older pooch, Clickety Split offers innoactive programs designed for those needs. By providing these resources, Clickety Split makes sure all dog owners have access to reliable information and quality products or services when it comes to theirfur babies’ care, safety, and well-being.


Clickety Split Dog Training provides the perfect way to get your pup the training and skills they need to become a beloved member of the family. Our training is fast and effective, and provides clear goals, excellent guidance, and a reliable and supportive team. Our approach has been designed to take the stress off of owners as much as possible by focusing on positive reinforcement rather than negative experiences.

We believe that Clickety Split Dog Training offers not just an easier, more efficient way of achieving positive canine behaviour outcomes, but also prepares dogs for their adult lives by equipping them with valuable life skills. We actively encourage owners to get started with training today in order to reap the full benefits – happy days spent with a well-trained dog!

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