Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads


Cesar Millan is an internationally acclaimed and beloved dog trainer, popularly known as the ‘Dog Whisperer’. He has devoted his life to improving the relationship between humans and canines. He is a New York Times bestselling author, a noted public speaker and a trusted expert in dog behavior.

Millan developed his own unique form of training which focused on understanding what motivates dogs naturally, so that they could better relate to humans more effectively. Instead of targeting obedience through physical punishment, he promotes calm energy and reinforced positive behaviors – the basis of harmony within balanced relationships.

Millan’s goal was never to train owners or their dogs just to obey orders, it was rather about helping them understand each other better by recognizing the underlying reasons for their interaction in the first place. The Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads are specially designed to facilitate this type of communication among people and their pets: They absorb moisture while providing protection against accidents and encourage potty training with attractive paw printing designs that allow owners to reward success. All-in-all they make life easier while helping build strong relationships based on trust and understanding both indoors and outdoors.


Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads are the best choice for training your dog. They are highly absorbent and have a unique odor elimination system to keep your home smelling fresh. These pads also come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your dog’s needs. The pad surface can be treated with an antiseptic to make sure it stays clean and free from germs, which can help lower the risk of pet illnesses. The pads also feature a leak-proof backing that helps to prevent messes from seeping onto furniture or flooring surfaces; plus dehydration technology that helps speed the drying time of pee spots so you don’t have standing liquid lying around your home. Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads are ideal for training puppies, senior dogs, or any other type of canine. They provide an easy and hassle-free way to quickly teach your pup good toilet habits while keeping your home clean and hygienic.

How to Use

1. Place the Cesar Millan Dog Training Pad on the ground in an area with limited distraction for your pet. You can also put it near items your dog is familiar and comfortable with, such as their bed or a food bowl – this helps encourage them to use the pad.

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2. Give your pet time to adjust to the pad by encouraging them to sniff and explore it first. Praise them when they do so, but don’t force them to interact with the pad if they’re not interested right away.

3. Place your pet on the pad several times each day and continue praising them during each session until you see success.

4. If at any point during these sessions you notice that your pet is avoiding or rejecting the training pad, back off and give them time to get used to it in their own time. If possible, follow up each training session with a reward of their favorite food or toy so they associate positive reinforcement with using the pad.

5. Monitor progress and check for signs of successful usage (such as going directly onto the pad or showing interest in it) – this could take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on how quickly your dog catches on and gains confidence in its use of the training pad – but generally speaking, consistency is key here!

6. Have patience – sometimes dogs may find toileting difficult due to medical issues or behavioral problems that need professional help in order to resolve properly – if frustration builds up too much, it could have a negative effect and set training back even further than before! In this case, seek out a knowledgeable vet or certified dog behaviorist who can offer helpful advice and guidance tailored specifically for you and your pup’s individual needs(and any other health concerns)


Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads come in a variety of sizes, materials, and costs. They are usually made with a combination of thick quilting, absorbent core and durable waterproof backing. Depending on the size of the pad, they can be used for puppies to adult dogs. Small sizes are great for small breeds or puppies that have recently been introduced to house training. Larger pads are ideal for larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds. Typically these pads have a specially scented attractant built into them so that it is easier for your pup to recognize and use them correctly.

These pads are not limited to just being used inside the house; some homeowners choose to use them in crates, carriers and outdoors as well. Additionally, there are also many different types of dog training pads out there including reusable, disposable and flushable versions – depending on your preference and budget. Lastly, although disposable dog training pads might seem like an easier option up front, consider potential long-term cost savings when investing in washable ones that can be used multiple times over several years!

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Popular Questions

Q: Do Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads really work?
A: Yes, Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads are very effective in helping with potty training. Many pet parents have had success with the pads and found them to be an easy and convenient option they can rely on while trying to potty train their dog.

Q: How many of these should I use?
A: The amount of dog training pads you need may vary depending on your pup’s size and activity level. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to provide at least one pad per room that your puppy has access to in order to encourage them to go there when they need to go potty.

Q: How long will the pad last?
A: Many pet parents find that each pad can last multiple days before needing replacement, however this may vary depending on how often it is being used. Additionally it is important to note that on average, puppies can be fully potty trained within 8-12 weeks after starting the use of Cesar Millan Dog Training Pads.


Cesar Millan’s Dog Training Pads offer an ideal solution to help eliminate pet odors while keeping your belongings clean and tidy. They are easy to use, absorbent, and provide a wide array of scents that are sure to keep you and your furry friends happy. If you’re looking for an effective way to deal with pet odors in your home without being too harsh or abrasive on your dog’s health, then give Cesar Millan’s Dog Training Pads a try. Start your dog training journey today with Cesar Millan’s pads and take control of pet odors in the comfort of your own home.

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