Cesar Millan Dog Crate Training

Cesar Millan Dog Crate Training

Cesar Millan is a world-renowned dog behaviorist who has developed a unique and successful dog crate training method. His approach is based on the idea that dogs are instinctively pack animals and need a leader to guide them. When a dog feels secure in a crate, it becomes the pack leader’s den and will naturally obey the leader’s commands.

To crate train a dog, Millan recommends starting with a small, comfortable crate that the dog can stand up and turn around in. Place a few toys and a water dish in the crate, and let the dog explore it on his own. When the dog is comfortable in the crate, begin giving him short commands to get into the crate and to stay there. Rewards like treats and praise will help the dog learn to obey these commands.

Most importantly, Millan stresses the importance of being a consistent and confident leader to the dog. Dogs will test a leader’s authority, and it is the leader’s job to ensure that the dog understands who is in charge. By following Millan’s tips, any dog can be successfully crate trained.

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