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Care a Lot Dog Training is focused on optimizing canine behavioral health and enhancing the connection between dog and owner. We understand that every dog is unique, with their own personality, temperament, breed and individual needs. This means each training program must be tailored to the needs of both dog and owner in order to ensure successful learning. Our behavior modification techniques are based on scientifically tested models of learning such as classical conditioning, operant conditioning and socialization training. We believe that owners should be an active part of their dog’s training process, so we train owners as well as their dogs.

At Care a Lot Dog Training, we don’t just teach tricks or obedience: our goal is to create a bond between pet and proprietor. We approach each situation by listening carefully to understand the complex details before creating a custom plan. Through positive reinforcement methods like clicker training and interactive play, we strive to create an environment of trust between dogs and humans while they learn behaviors they can use in everyday life. We also pay attention to preventative behavior modification strategies that focus on reducing potential sources of stress or discomfort before they happen—such as teaching dogs how to navigate potentially dangerous situations or diffusing tension with their canine siblings or other pets in the house. With Care a Lot Dog Training, you can trust that your furry family member will have a strong foundation for continued success for years to come.

Overview of Services

At Care a Lot Dog Training, we offer custom dog training packages tailored to each pup’s individual needs. We provide professional-level instruction in order to help pets of all ages and skill levels learn acceptable behavior. We don’t believe in punishing your furry friend – instead, our methods are based on reward-based training that rewards dogs for good behavior. Our customized packages can be adapted to suit any lifestyle, ranging from basic obedience classes to advanced agility courses.

Basic Obedience: Our basic obedience classes will help teach your pup the essentials, including proper leash walking, sit and stay commands, coming when called, greeting people appropriately, and basic introduction to agility equipment.

Intermediate Obedience: For more experienced pups who need a little polishing up on their commands or may benefit from brushing up on their skills before progressing to the next level of training. In Intermediate Obedience classes we focus on reinforcing behaviors learned in Basic Obedience as well as introducing new tricks and commands such as down, touching one’s hand with the nose or paw, and fetch.

Advanced Obedience & Agility: These courses are designed for active pups that want to use both their mind and their muscle! Here participants will gain additional skills such as obstacle negotiating or learning how to open doors using their paws or nose. Plus we introduce them to agility course activities like jumping through hoops or running an A-frame ramp with confidence! This class also focuses heavily on recall where even the most daring pups will be able to return happily back home no matter what distraction might be present!

Benefits of Care a Lot Dog Training

At Care a Lot Dog Training, we deliver comprehensive training courses to help you better understand your pup. We offer both group enrollment and private sessions – all taught by experienced trainers who have certified coursework in animal behavior and psychology. With Care a Lot’s various options, you’ll gain an understanding of canine learning theory that will help you effectively meet the unique needs and motivations of your pup.

Group enrollment training sessions allow multiple pet owners to observe and compare the learning progress of their pups in an open and friendly environment. This is beneficial for owners of companionship, hunting, or service dogs as they’ll get tips from our staff on how to control their pup’s loud barking or obnoxious jumping on people, while also gaining tips from other pet owners.

One-on-one private training sessions are catered specifically to one particular pup, allowing our trainers to provide individualized attention and instruction based on the pet’s specific needs and behaviors targeted during the session. These courses are ideal for puppies, who require immediate correction for problems like housebreaking, excessive barking or chewing furniture. The classes also focus heavily on teaching basic commands like sit, stay, come when called and leave it; this gives new pet owners the confidence they need to raise a sociable dog with well-mannered characteristics.

In addition to these services, our trainers also offer a few specialized courses such as puppy socialization & care classes that center around proper introductions between pups and other animals/people; companion obedience classes which go in-depth on teaching good habits such as leash walking; advanced obedience classes that teach your pup more complex commands such as heel or no jump; agility classes which involve obstacle courses aimed at increasing speed & coordination; rally obedience which portrays obedience through Fido going along with his owner’s movements over various distances indoors/outdoors; scent detection which focuses on sniffing out different scents using treat rewards; trick classes recognize different performances & behaviours that can be used in competitions or just for fun; therapy dog certification focuses on behavior tests in order to become certified for work in hospitals/care homes/etc.. Lastly our last course available is search & rescue preparation designed by members of local search & rescue teams which shows your pup how to help you locate lost items/lost pets/missing people via scent tracking techniques.

Competitive Obedience Training For The Small Dog

Signature Training Methodology

At Care a Lot Dog Training, we believe that training works best when tailored to the individual needs of each dog. That’s why we have developed our own proprietary training system that promotes positive reinforcement and focuses on building strong relationships between dogs and their owners.

Our Signature Training Methodology systematically rewards desired behavior with treats, such as chew toys or other treats, to train dogs quickly and effectively. We use lots of verbal praise and physical affection throughout the process to reassure our clients’ furry friends and create lasting connections. Additionally, this method offers an adaptable structure for emergency situations so that every pup is able to receive appropriate support during unexpected times.

To complement our Signature Training Methodology, Care a Lot also provides socialization lessons for puppies. Our socialization classes are designed with fun activities such as tossing balls around the room, playing chase with squeaky toys or obstacle courses using pieces of furniture to help puppies become accustomed to their human companions in a way that is safe yet enjoyable. As these pups grow older, they continue on with obedience classes so they learn how to calmly obey commands in public settings.

Finally, beyond basic puppy classes and advanced adult dog sessions, our team at Care a Lot understandsthat no two pups are alike which is why we offer customized one-on-one teaching where the trainer takes the individual needs of each pup into account while providing solutions tailored specifically to it. We understand that these can sometimes be difficult conversations but we encourage open dialogues between our trainers and their furry charges’ owners so future behavior can improve significantly over time.

Case Studies from Successful Care a Lot Training Programs

Care a Lot Dog Training has helped countless dogs and their owners through their various training programs. One of the most successful examples of Care a Lot’s training benefits comes from Aiden and his rescue dog, Shadow. Aiden was an elderly man in his 70s, who had quickly grown fond of Shadow but was struggling to cope with her aggressive behavior towards other dogs. After only four weeks of intensive behavioral sessions at Care a Lot, Shadow’s aggressive tendencies started to diminish drastically and she became more responsive to Aiden’s commands. After consistent follow-up sessions over the next two months, care from their trainers was no longer needed; Shadow had become an even-tempered dog that responded well to both verbal and visual cues. An added bonus for Aiden was that he found it much easier to take her for walks in public without worrying about making sure she stayed still or had her leash on tight. This case study is just one example of how Care a Lot has positively impacted the lives of both humans and their canine companions alike.

Another example demonstrating Care a Lot Dog Training’s successful programs comes from Jessie, who found herself unsure how to handle Cora’s destructive tendencies around the house. Cora had chewed nearly every wire nearby as well as furniture within reach whenever Jessie left her alone in the house — this prompted Jessie to immediately seek professional help before the situation got any worse. With only six weeks devoted to extensive instructional sessions at Care a Lot total, Cora learned respect for boundaries along with ways to release energy without destroying items around the house which ultimately put Jessie more at ease when leaving for work each day. Additionally, this experience proved invaluable for Cora as she now knows not just what things are off limits but also how to express natural canine behaviors such as chewing in accepted ways outside the home. These two cases and many others demonstrate just how effective Care a Lot can be in providing real solutions for pet owners looking for safe, organized instruction on bettering interactions between them and their furry friends.

Tips & Best Practices

Care a Lot Dog Training provides expert advice and strategies for training your dog. Training your dog will take dedication and patience, as it cannot be done overnight. Here we provide tips to help you start off on the right foot.

The Beginners Guide To Successful Training Your Dog

First of all, consistency is key when it comes to training your dog. It’s important to stick to one approach and commands whenever interacting with your pup. Doing so will help ensure that your pet develops the habit of following instructions and signals from you more quickly. Additionally, you should always reward desired behaviors with praise or treats in order to reinforce what commands are expected of them.

Second, make sure you practice regularly with your pup in a variety of different settings for more effective results. For instance, if your pup knows how to sit indoors but not outdoors, take him outside and have him practice his command there too. This helps create a stronger bond between you two while also helping teach them discipline in multiple places versus just one single environment.

Finally, safety should always be kept at the forefront of any activity with dogs. Be sure to never leave toys out that could easily be chewed on or harmed due to their fragile nature; instead store them away after each use until needed again later. Additionally, keep areas such as stairs properly blocked off if need be so as to not provide access areas where they can cause harm or injury while exploring or playing around the house unsupervised. With these tips in mind, Care a Lot Dog Training hopes owners find success in their canine companion journey!

How to Get Started with Care a Lot Dog Training

At Care a Lot Dog Training, we understand the importance of having well-behaved and happy dogs in the family. To ensure that your training process runs smoothly and effectively, we provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the process and documentation required to get started.

Before you can get started with us, you will need to provide us with your contact information such as name, address, phone number and email. We will also need to have a signed agreement from you that outlines your specific needs and our responsibilities for meeting those needs. Additionally, depending on the type of training session you are interested in taking part in, there may be additional documents or forms that need to be submitted prior to registration. If any of these documents are not available yet, we can work with you to complete them within the necessary timeframe.

Our goal is to make sure that all of our clients have a thorough understanding of every aspect of their involvement in dog training – from documents to sessions. Once everything has been reviewed, we will ensure that all participants are comfortable before working together on creating success stories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Care a Lot Dog Training suitable for all breeds of dogs?

A: Yes! At Care a Lot Dog Training, our team is dedicated to helping all breeds of dogs become well-mannered and obedient. All of our trainers are knowledgeable in various dog training techniques and methods to ensure the safety and success of every canine client; regardless of their size, age, or breed. We understand that each dog is unique and thus may require an adapted approach to learn effectively. We are committed to designing an individualized program for every pet, taking into account the dynamic between their capabilities and temperaments. Our tailored lesson plans will help you create long-lasting relationships with your pup through countless amounts of positive reinforcement!


Care a Lot Dog Training is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive pet care services. We strive to create an environment where both you and your canine companion can learn, play, and grow together. Our team of experienced trainers offers a variety of classes in basic obedience, agility, behavior and problem-solving. Additionally, our behavior counselors are available for one-on-one consultations.

All in all, Care a Lot Dog Training is a great resource for those looking to help their dogs reach their full potential. With the combination of our knowledgeable staff, private lessons and classes, your pup will be sure to receive the attention needed in order to become obedient and well-mannered. After signing up with us you can expect attentive support from our animal loving staff who will provide guidance and direction throughout every step of the process. We look forward to seeing both you and your canine friend soon!

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