Can I Bring My Dog on an Amtrak Train

Alternative Transportation Options

Rental Cars: For travel with a pet, rental cars provide door-to-door convenience and the added flexibility of being able to stop along the route. Most rental companies allow a pet in the car (for an additional fee), so it’s important to check before reserving a car. Additionally, many states have laws regarding pets in cars (i.e. requiring that they be restrained during travel) so familiarizing yourself with those laws can help ensure a safe trip for you and your pet.

Air Travel: Many airlines offer pet transportation services, but airlines have specific requirements for both domestic and international flights that must be met before allowing your pet to fly. For safety reasons, animals should always be transported in either approved carriers or specially designed crates. It is also important to factor in additional fees such as crates and extra baggage costs when planning your trip.

On-Board Facilities

When traveling with an animal on Amtrak, it’s important to be aware of the facilities available on board that are designed to make your pet’s journey stress-free and comfortable. Amtrak has numerous services in place for pets and their owners, such as pet stations and restrooms located on select routes and in every state car. Pet exercise areas can also be found at various depots throughout the country where dogs and cats can stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air before settling down for the journey. When traveling with your four-legged friend, your reservations agents can provide helpful advice regarding the appropriate accommodations necessary to ensure a pleasant trip.

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Responsible Pet Ownership

In order to travel with your pet, responsible pet ownership starts with understanding the rules and regulations that apply. You are expected to have your pet on a leash at all times while in the station, on board trains and Thruway buses, or on railroad property. You must always make sure your pet is under control and does not interfere with other customers’ comfort or safety, such as barking incessantly. Additionally, you should never leave your animal unattended for any reason during your trip. If you are traveling with a Service Animal (not necessarily pets), please review accessible service policies prior to booking your ticket.

It is also important to keep your pet clean and groomed if applicable throughout the duration of your train trip. When taking breaks outside of the train, remember to bring along a bag for disposal of all solid waste left behind by your animal companion. Any solid waste must be appropriately disposed off-site unless given specific authorization from an employee or conductor. Furthermore, pets may not be allowed access inside certain areas of Amtrak stations or cars due to their fur or messes they may make while inside those areas so it is important to confirm ahead of time if this policy applies in the locations you will be traveling through.

Fines for Breaking Rules

If a customer brings a pet on an Amtrak train without prior authorization, they will be subject to both civil and criminal liabilities. Civil liabilities include a possible payment of the full distance fare that the pet and passenger would have incurred if they had booked a reservation according to Amtrak’s pet policy. Criminal liabilities could include fines of up to $500 or imprisonment up to 30 days, depending on various local ordinances or laws governing transportation services. Failure to abide by any Amtrak policies can result in ejection from the train with no refund for tickets purchased.

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Educational Resources

Yes, you can bring your dog on an Amtrak train. It is important to note that Amtrak has a strict pet policy and certain rules must be followed when bringing animals aboard the train. Some of these policies include: cats and small dogs being allowed on trips up to seven hours in length; all pets must be contained in proper carriers while aboard the train; and owners are required to stay with their pets at all times. Additionally, there are fees associated with bringing pets on the train, so make sure to check with Amtrak for the exact cost. If you want more detailed information about Amtrak’s pet policy, there are additional resources available to help explain it. These include online tutorials, pamphlets, and videos about bringing pets on board trains.

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