Can Dogs Travel on South West Trains


It is important to understand the rules and regulations of bringing a dog on a South West Train if you plan on travelling with one. Knowing the restrictions will help ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for both you and your pet. South West Trains accepts certain types of guide dog and assistance dogs onboard, but most other pet dogs are not allowed to travel as they can cause disruption and safety hazards when in an enclosed space such as a train carriage. It also ensures that passengers who may have allergies or fear of dogs can feel comfortable during their journey.

Allowing Dogs on South West Trains

Yes, dogs can travel on South West trains, but there are some restrictions. A dog must be carried on the train in a pet carrier or box that fits within the dimensions of 43cm x 31cm x 23c and must have ventilation holes. Dogs not in carriers and assistance dogs do not count towards your total number of ticket items when travelling. For more information and to purchase relevant tickets, head to the South West Trains website.

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Preparing Your Dog for Travel

When travelling with a dog on South West Trains, research the destination where you will be travelling to, to find out what rules and regulations that particular location may have in place regarding dogs. Consider whether there are any public spaces where your dog will be welcome, such as parks and open spaces. Also take the time to check if dog-friendly accommodation is available.

Be sure to plan your journey in advance so you can account for all the necessary stops such as restroom breaks and water and food suppliers along your route. Make sure that your pet is fit for travel before embarking on the trip – if a veterinarian deems them healthy enough for travel then also factor in what supplies they may need for the journey including off-leash exercise breaks, food, water, toys etc. Pack adequate cleaning items to keep their cage or seat area clean during the journey. Don’t forget to bring any documents that may be needed such as pet passports or records of vaccinations.

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What to Do When You Board

When you board a South West train with your dog, there are several measures you should take to ensure the comfort of other passengers. Firstly, if your pet is small enough, place them in a carrier either on the floor next to you or on your lap with a seat belt secured around it for safety purposes. If your dog is too large for a carrier, consider getting them a harness and attaching it to the seat frame in front of them. Additionally, it’s important that you keep the dog’s lead in hand at all times and don’t allow them off the seat unless they need to go outside for relief breaks. Finally, make sure you clean up any mess they may leave behind so that the area remains tidy throughout their journey.

Rules for When on Board

When traveling with a dog on a South West Train, you must make sure to follow the necessary rules to prevent causing nuisance and distress to other passengers. This includes keeping your dog on a lead at all times and making sure they cannot approach another person without your permission. Your dog should stay close by your side and not wander around the train or platform unaccompanied. You must also clean up any mess your dog may leave behind, whether it is fur, droppings or accidents. No dogs are allowed in the First Class carriages. Lastly, all assistance dogs must wear their correct identification jackets at all times in order for them to be allowed on board. Failure to comply can result in a fine as well as being asked to leave the premises.

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Staying Comfortable

It is possible for dogs to travel on South West Trains, as long as they are well-behaved and kept on a lead throughout. Dogs may travel free of charge if they occupy no more than two large pieces of luggage. If you plan to take your dog with you on the train, it is important that you bring along some essentials to ensure everyone has a comfortable journey.

You should always bring water for your dog and make sure their bowl is either refilled or renewed regularly. Providing snacks is also essential to keep your pet happy during the ride; pack treats such as specially designed healthy treat sticks or biscuits so that your pup can have something tasty without getting an upset stomach from eating too much sugar. Additionally, toys like balls for fetching and squeaky ma toys work wonderfully as effective distractions in keeping them entertained during the trip!


Yes, dogs are allowed to travel on South West Trains. Service animals and/or assistance dogs with proof of current vaccination, must be kept on a leash at all times and kept away from seating areas to ensure the safety of other passengers. Unaccompanied service animals will not be transported. We would love to hear your experiences travelling by train with your pet pooch! Feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly and we’ll be happy to help.

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