Can Dogs Travel by Train in India


Yes, dogs can travel on trains in India with the correct permission and paperwork. Railway regulations allow you to take your pet with you on your train journey, but there are certain rules that must be followed. Most railway stations require tickets or permits for pets before they are allowed to board. The cost of the ticket or permit is usually based on the size of the pet and will vary from station to station. Additionally, some trains may not allow pets, so it’s important to check with individual railways beforehand.

Once you have obtained a ticket or permit for your dog, it is essential to keep them in a safe and comfortable container during the journey. Dogs must be in an enclosed area that is secure enough that they won’t escape or bother other passengers. Depending on what type of dog you have and its size, you may need to buy an appropriate container for their travel. When deciding which one is best suited for your needs, make sure it meets all necessary requirements set by the railway authorities; these containers should also provide adequate ventilation and cleaning space for your pet during their trip.

It’s also important to remember that each railway station may have different regulations regarding pet travel. Exact rules can differ depending on how many dogs you plan to carry as well as their size and breed. Make sure you research ahead of time exactly what documentation and guidelines are required when travelling with a pet by train in India; some smaller stations may even require proof of vaccination or immunization records while larger stations might not require any paperwork at all!

Lastly, don’t forget about food and water; since Indian railway routes tend to be quite long, bringing along a supply of food and fresh water will ensure your four-legged friend isn’t left hungry or thirsty during their travels! Additionally, packing spare blankets or toys can help make the journey more comfortable for both you and your canine companion!

What Dogs Need to Travel in India

In order for a dog to travel by train in India, the pet owner must ensure that their dog has all of the necessary documents. These documents include an up-to-date vaccination certificate, an animal transport permit from the state veterinarian, and an authorization letter from the railway station. Additionally, their pet must be adequately contained in a carrier or kennel that is both comfortable and safe for transit. Depending on the class of travel, some trains may allow leashed dogs to accompany passengers in their compartment. It is highly recommended that passengers using this type of accommodation contact the railway company beforehand to double-check their policy. Finally, it is essential that all dog owners traveling with their furry companions are aware of Indian regulations concerning pets as some cities may have specific laws regarding pet ownership and transportation.

Preparing Your Dog for Train Travel in India

Prior to traveling, it is important to make sure your dog is properly prepared for the journey. First, start by making sure all the necessary documents such as an up-to-date rabies vaccination certificate and a pet passport are in order. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the individual carrier’s specific regulations regarding pet travel. It is also recommended that you purchase appropriate travel accessories for your pup such as a comfortable kennel for transportation, food and water dishes, treats, diapers (if needed), towels, toys and blankets. Before taking off on your journey don’t forget to stop at the vet to get a checkup to ensure your pup is fit enough for train travel in India. It’s best not to feed or give your pet excessive amounts of water before boarding the train so they don’t get too uncomfortable during transit.

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Indian Regulations for Dog Travel by Train

Traveling with pets by train in India is subject to the following regulations established by Indian Railways:

1. Only small dogs, cats and other animals that can fit inside a carry basket or cage are allowed to travel on the train.

2. The size of the container should not exceed 24 inches in length, 15 inches in height and 12 inches in width for all categories of animal passengers.

3. Animals must be accompanied by their owners at all times, who are responsible for cleaning up after their pet during the journey.

4. The fare for an animal passenger will be 5 percent of the second class adult fare for the same distance traveled. This fare is payable at any railway station booking office or Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counters located throughout India before the commencement of travel.

5. A ‘Live Animal’ label must be prominently displayed on the cage’s side as this indicates that an animal is traveling on board, according to guidelines laid out by Indian Railways.

6. On longer journeys, it is recommended that pets travelling on trains be given access to water once every two hours and food once every four hours (in case of overnight journeys). Additionally, stops should be planned during the itinerary so your pet can relieve itself when needed.

7. All pets must wear a collar and leash while travelling on trains so they can be easily identified and controlled if necessary during their journey (be aware that certain areas along train routes may forbid animals from disembarking).

Train Types and Services Suitable for Dogs

In India, dogs can indeed travel by certain types of trains and services. The Indian Railway offers the Parcel Van service or the Goods Train which can take pets and livestock to their destination. The Parcel Van service allows passengers to purchase a ticket solely for their pet and have them transported in a dedicated space. They must have proper documentation from a veterinarian regarding their health before boarding, as well as an appropriate sized crate for the pet to travel in. Pets cannot board regular passenger cars without being enclosed in this type of crate.

The Indian Railway also offers fully air-conditioned ‘Yatri/Jan Shatabdhi’ coaches which are dog friendly but with some restrictions. All dogs must be muzzled and on a leash at all times while inside the coach and they cannot occupy seats or beds reserved for passengers. In addition to these restrictions, it is important to note that list tickets need to be purchased by all passengers including your pet before boarding any train, as long distance trains do not accept reservations after departure time and tickets do not cover transport costs of pets (even when under 30 kg).

Tips and Strategies for Dog Travel by Train in India

In India, traveling by train is becoming increasingly popular for both locals and tourists alike. And luckily, many railway companies are now allowing pet owners to take their dogs along with them on the ride!

If you’re looking to travel with your dog by train in India, there are a few tips that will help make your journey smooth and stress-free.

First and foremost, it’s important to properly prepare your pup before arrival at the station. Make sure they have all of the necessary vaccinations and that their rabies shot is up to date. If you’re planning on taking the night train, it’s also a good idea to book a private compartment so they can comfortably rest while the journey takes place. Additionally, bring plenty of food and water for your pup as well as treats – this will help keep them satisfied during the long trip.

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When boarding your chosen train, make sure to tell an employee about your situation with your pup – some trains may require special permission for guests travelling with pets. Once aboard, find a seat near an open window should your dog want some fresh air throughout the ride – this comes in handy especially if they’re prone to motion sickness or become anxious in tighter spaces.

Finally, be vigilant throughout various transfers as some railway stations may not allow pets onto platforms without a fee – research ahead of time so you know exactly how much money you might need.

It is essential that you properly secure your pet while travelling. If they will not fit in a travel crate, consider investing in a body harness that can be buckled into one of the seats of the train carriage instead. Additionally, pack extra supplies such as towels and blankets for extra comfort if needed, as well as plastic bags for any unexpected messes along the way! Finally, don’t forget basic dog necessities like toys or chews – these will keep them occupied during transit time so everyone remains stress-free!

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling with Dogs

Yes, dogs can travel by train in India. Some trains may accept pets, however it is important to research the policies for specific trains and journeys before booking tickets. The Indian Railways requires passengers to present a valid health certificate from a veterinary doctor confirming the pet is free from any contagious diseases or infections prior to boarding. In addition, all pets must be securely placed in containers or cages enclosed within the passenger’s compartment to prevent them from roaming around on the train. All pets must also be accompanied by their owners at all times, both on board and disembarking at their destination. It is also advised that passengers take extra measures such as coverage for any risk of harm caused by their pet. In certain cases a fee may be required for the carriage of pets on some routes. Therefore, it is important to check relevant rules and regulations before traveling with furry companions.


Yes, in fact you can take your dog on a train journey in India. Pets such as dogs, cats and birds are all allowed to travel on specific trains by reservation. If traveling with your pup, you must make advance arrangements with the Railways Booking Office. Reservation of tickets must specify the type of pet and its size; a certificate from a vet showing that your dog is healthy enough to travel may be necessary too. Once reserved, leash and muzzle are mandatory for dogs on trains, one passenger can only carry one pet. Additionally, due to cleanliness issues, pets are not allowed to roam the train freely; it must be kept in its owner’s berth or compartment at all times during the journey. Taking some food and water for your pet is advisable – there isn’t usually any provided on board so it’s best to bring your own supply along! With these considerations taken into account, an unforgettable adventure with your pup awaits! Enjoy exploring India’s spectacular scenery with Fido by your side!

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