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At Bunker Hill Dog Training, we understand how important it is to provide your furry family member with proper obedience training. The benefits of obedience training go far beyond basic commands such as sit and stay; it encourages bonding and helps establish respect between pet and owner while allowing your dog to reach its fullest potential.

Obedience training provides an outlet for your companion to release pent up energy, stimulates the mind, offers mental stimulation, and improves the overall quality of life for both pet and owner. It creates an environment for discipline and understanding that allows for better social interactions with family, friends and other dogs. With a properly trained pup, it is easier to take them out in public or in new environments as they are better equipped to handle situations like boredom, distractions or situations that may make them feel uncomfortable.

Equally as important as teaching vital commands (such as sit, stay etc.) is also teaching strong recall skills. It’s critical to work on building their ability so that if your dog ever escapes their leash you can quickly retrieve them before they fall into harm’s way. Additionally, obedience training can help strengthen the bond between human and canine. Learning new tricks together will create a stronger bond than any store bought toy or treat ever could!

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Bunker Hill Dog Training offers a variety of services to help dogs and their owners succeed. Our services range from individualized one-on-one sessions with certified trainers, to group classes that provide an atmosphere of support for both human and canine students.

For individual sessions, the cost is $80 per session for one hour long lessons. These sessions are tailored to each dog’s individual needs and covers topics such as proper nutrition, socialization skills, obedience commands, problem solving strategies and general health care.

We offer discounted packages for people who wish to purchase multiple sessions at once. A five session package costs $360 (25% discount) while a ten session package costs $680 (35% discount).

Group classes are held in buildings or outdoor spaces throughout Bunker Hill, with various levels available to suit your dog’s skill set and learning style. All classes include instruction on basic commands such as sit, stay, come and wait along with more advanced behaviors like playing the “recall game” with rewards. Group classes start at just $110 for a 6 week course and vary depending on length of class and total number of attendees.

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At Bunker Hill Dog Training we understand the importance of providing value added services that meet our client’s needs while also rewarding loyalty with discounts and special offers through our membership program. With expertly trained staff members dedicated exclusively to giving your pup the attention they deserve, you can trust us with providing quality training without breaking your budget!

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At Bunker Hill Dog Training, we understand the importance of positive reinforcement as a tool in training our four-legged friends. We strive to create a positive environment for dogs so they can learn to reach their greatest potential.

By rewarding good behaviors with treats, hugs and praise, dogs learn that these behaviors are desirable and will repeat them accordingly. This type of consistency helps them understand what we expect from them and boosts their confidence. This reinforces the desired behavior, allowing us to move forward with our training objectives more quickly. The results of this reward-based training are more pronounced and successful than punishment-based approaches.

Moreover, creating a positive atmosphere during dog training encourages engagement between the trainer and pup. This enhances the bond between human and dog while promoting greater happiness and wellness overall. It is also beneficial in situations when faced with an unruly or stubborn canine who may need guidance in changing their habits or behaviors around people or other animals.

By emphasizing rewards offered through positive reinforcement, we at Bunker Hill Dog Training help create an ideal learning experience for your pup!

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Q: What are the benefits of joining Bunker Hill Dog Training?
A: Our program is designed to help your dog become better behaved and more obedient. We strive to create a positive learning environment where dogs can learn in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques that promote long-term success and continued growth. As part of the enrollment process, we’ll assess your dog’s current behaviors and set achievable goals for the program.

Q: How long will it take for my dog to complete the training program?
A: The length of our program will depend on your individual dog’s needs. We suggest that you plan to attend classes for at least 8-10 weeks as each lesson builds upon the one before it for maximum results.

Q: What types of training do you use?
A: Our trainers primarily use reward-based methods, such as clicker training, shaping (clicker training with food rewards), and operant conditioning (teaching behavior through positive reinforcement). We also use leash protocols for teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, come, etc. Overall, our program focuses on building strong communication between humans and their canine companions based on respect, trust and understanding.

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Customer Tips for Using Bunker Hill Dog Training

1. Start by meeting with a dog training specialist to assess the needs and goals of both you and your dog. This will help ensure that any goals you set are realistic and achievable.

2. Make sure there is sufficient time in your daily routine to devote towards effective training. Before beginning a program, carve out a specific timeframe dedicated to practice sessions at least several times per week or even daily, if possible.

3. Be patient during training sessions! Remember that learning takes time and rewards can go a long way when it comes to changing behaviors for the better—so make sure you reward frequently during each session with treats or verbal praise as appropriate.

4. Pay attention to routine—the more consistent you are, especially during practice sessions, the more successful the training process will be in helping your dog learn desired behaviors and modify problem ones.

5. Remain focused throughout each session – if needed, seek additional guidance from trainers as needed in order to stay on track when dealing with setbacks or unexpected issues that may arise over the course of the program’s duration.

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At Bunker Hill Dog Training, we understand that training your pup can be a challenging and difficult process. That’s why our experienced team is here to help you every step of the way. Our comprehensive one-on-one training sessions will equip you with the knowledge, skill, and confidence needed to ensure your dog’s best behavior.

We also provide additional resources for customers looking for further information. We recommend books such as “The Art of Positive Dog Training” by Pat Miller or “Don’t Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training” by Karen Pryor. There are also many useful videos available on YouTube from seasoned professionals to help supplement both in-person trainings and phone consultations. Additionally, our website features an extensive library with articles covering common questions about dog behavior, diet, health, and more!

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