Buck’s Dog Training

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At Buck’s Dog Training, we provide professional dog training services that guarantee real results. We specialize in private lessons tailored to the individual needs of your pup and a board-and-train program where they can stay with us while we train them. From basic obedience training to advanced behavior modification, our experienced team is dedicated to helping you and your pup move in the direction of success. Try out our video demos to get a glimpse at how easy it is for both you and your pup to reap the rewards of our dog training services. With patience, consistency, and understanding of the canine mind we are sure that you will be thrilled with the confidence and joy found with each accomplishment you make.

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Address frequently asked questions

Q: What methods do you use to train pets?

A: At Buck’s Dog Training we use positive reinforcement methods to provide quality pet training. We focus on teaching the pet individual commands and behaviors, while rewarding desired behavior with food, verbal praise or other rewards. We also work to find what motivates your pet the most for learning and positive reinforcements. We also have experience working with various techniques such as clicker training and other types of classical conditioning too. Through our trainings, we strive to foster a healthy relationship between owners and their pets.

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Q: How long does it take for my pet to be fully trained?

A: The amount of time it takes for a pet to become fully trained will depend on the specific breed and size of the pet, as well as its individual learning capacity. Generally speaking, most owners can expect a significant progress within several weeks after kickoff. Each following session builds upon the previous training session’s successes, enabling faster results over time. It typically requires 6-8 weeks of consistent sessions for full completion levels of training to be reached though timelines may vary among individual animals depending on their capabilities or disposition.

Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: You will need some basic items such as treats that can easily fit in your pocket, collars (for both cats and dogs) and leashes (again—for both cats and dogs). As far as accessories go, many owners like having a long line lead which is essentially an extendable leash that allows for more freedom when walking dogs off-leash but within a safe space where the owner still has control if needed; this isn’t mandatory though it can be helpful in certain circumstances. Additionally, we highly suggest having treats available during training sessions in order to reward good behavior thus further enhancing the learning process.

Discuss the trainers

Buck’s Dog Training is a respected training facility run by Bob and Sam Buck, two highly experienced dog trainers. Both brothers have been working with canines for over ten years and have developed successful classes that focus on everything from basic obedience commands to advanced tricks.

Bob is a certified professional dog trainer who has competed in several national competitions and taken home multiple awards. He specializes in working with aggressive dogs and consulting owners about proper behavior modification techniques for additional needs.

Sam Buck is a canine behavior specialist with over seven years of experience teaching group classes, private lessons, and boarding training programs. His areas of expertise include select agility sports, developing positive reinforcement-based relationships between dogs and their owners, as well as helping families prepare their pets to become registered therapy dogs.

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The Bucks also employ several other dedicated canine professionals to assist them in running the facility as smoothly and efficiently as possible. They are experienced teachers providing knowledge and insight into how best to train your pooch!

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Buck’s Dog Training offers a variety of additional services to help your pet become the best they can be. We offer one-on-one behavior modification and problem solving sessions, as well as puppy training classes and basic obedience classes. Our special needs programs are designed to allow owners with disabled or elderly pets to still have a healthy relationship with their pet. We also offer off leash control sessions that increase distance while reinforcing verbal commands and can range from basic heeling to distraction proofing. In addition, we provide protection training in which we teach dogs how to respond appropriately when suspicious activity is occurring in their environment. We will also come to your residence for private consultations as well as provide an in-kennel intensive “Manners Makeover” program if needed. Lastly, we offer seminars for professional dog trainers around the country for those looking to sharpen their skill set.

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