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Big Basin Dog Training of Modesto, California offers the highest quality dog training for the life of your pet. We believe in employing positive reinforcement methods to provide thoughtful and appropriate instruction that encourages our canine companions to enjoy learning sessions. Our goal is to help strengthen the bond between you and your pet through highly personalized instruction designed just for you and your pup.

Our trainers provide a variety of group classes, private lessons, obedience training, puppy playgroups, boarding schools, agility courses, and more! We have two convenient locations in Modesto – one for indoor activities located at 1414 Allendale Way and another for outdoor activities located at Calaveras River Park.

Big Basin Dog Training began as a small family business that recognized the need for dogs to have dedicated guidance in their development. With the help of experienced dog trainers sharing techniques perfected over many years of practice, we have grown into a successful business committed to helping people build stronger relationships with their pets. We empower our students with proven methods to give them all the tools they need to ensure harmony in their home lives and adventures.

Reasons to Choose Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca

Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca is well-known throughout the area for their dedication to training and helping dog owners. With years of collective experience, their team improves communication between owners and pets providing a safe, positive bonding experience.

Clients have expressed great satisfaction with the service provided by Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca. One customer exclaims, “The staff at Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca listened to my concerns and tailored a program specifically for my pup’s needs.” Another states, “The results were more than expected! My pup goes from being wild to following commands so quickly!”

At Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca there are many cases where common issues can be addressed successfully. For example, one case study found that dogs displaying aggressive behavior toward unfamiliar people or situations respond well to the individualized attention given through the one-on-one sessions offered by the trainers at Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca. After several weeks of management and obedience training these dogs overcame their reactive behavior through positive reinforcement in an environment free of fear and stress.

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Due to their success in helping countless pet owners, Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca has been honored with awards such as Best Pacifying Pet Parlor (2020) by local publication Animal Lovers Magazine as well as Top Rated Dog Trainer (2019) by Pacific Coast Today Magazine.

Professional, Caring Approach

Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca is staffed with highly qualified and experienced trainers. Our team consists of professionally certified Canine Behaviourists and specialist Dog Trainers who have been working together for the past 15 years. Our trainers are certified to use both positive reward techniques and behavior modification – two scientifically proven effective methods to train dogs, in accordance with modern research on animal behaviour.

We strongly emphasize a gentle, caring approach that enhances bonding between dog and owner without the use of harsh discipline or punishment. We use positive encouragement and rewards to show dogs how they should behave, while helping owners understand their dog’s needs and behaviors. We also take into account the individual personalities of each dog, striving to create a unique learning experience tailored specifically to them.

At Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca, we take great pride in providing our clients with knowledgeable, friendly staff who will go above and beyond to provide top-notch customer service and produce maximum results for your pup. We are committed to making sure you not only receive quality service but also true peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s training!

Range of Services Offered

Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca offers a wide variety of services to make training your pet easy and stress-free. Services include private lessons with our experienced trainers, customized in-home programs designed to meet the specific needs of pets, and group classes with playtime and structured learning experiences. To ensure an optimal learning experience for all customers, we offer exclusive discounts and promotions and have a convenient payment option such as a payment plan. For added convenience, we also post any videos or tutorials we create to help train customers’ pets.

Success Stories

Big Basin Dog Training Modesto Ca has been helping people and their pets reach their best potential for years! We are proud to feature many success stories from our dedicated clients. Our clients speak highly of the progress their animals have made thanks to our experienced trainers.

Take Max and Daisy, a pair of Jack Russell terriers who had no idea how to behave on walks until they came to us at Big Basin. After just a couple of months with our team, these two were trained beyond their owners’ expectations. They now enjoy the outdoors with perfect leash manners and can even take off-leash hikes in certain areas without fear of running off.

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One client, Bethany, wrote “My neighbors told me about Big Basin’s training program and I’m so glad they did! It has completely changed Kona’s behavior—she used to run wild and bark uncontrollably whenever we went outside…now she responds quickly when given commands, walks beautifully next to me on a leash, and is much calmer overall. We couldn’t be happier!”

The success stories at Big Basin Dog Training do not end there—we have also seen amazing results with behavioral modifications for fear-based behaviors, aggressive tendencies towards other dogs or people, submissive urination issues, separation anxiety, uncontrolled barking or jumping up in excitement and much more. No matter what type of training you need help with: whether it’s basic obedience or more complex behavior modification – we specialize in finding solutions that work best for you as well as your pet.

Contact and Location Information

Big Basin Dog Training is located in Modesto, California on 1656 Sequoia Avenue. From Highway 99, take the Kansas Avenue exit and head east. The business will be on the right-hand side just past the intersection with Empire Street. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, by appointment only. Customers can reach Big Basin Dog Training by phone at (209) 944-9599, or via email at [email protected].

For updates and useful information related to dog training and care, customers can follow Big Basin Dog Training on their social media accounts: Facebook (, Twitter (@bbdogtraining), and Instagram (@bigbasindogtraining).

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