Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn

Introduce the TeamMembers/Trainers

Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn is led by a team of qualified, caring trainers that have the knowledge, experience, and passion for helping dog owners reach their training goals.

The head trainer, Dina Leesburg, has extensive experience in the canine behavior industry and holds credentials from both the CCPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) and IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). She has been working with client’s dogs in providing private instruction on basic obedience as well as addressing more extreme cases such as aggression or fear-based behaviors.

Mark Phillips is also part of our team at Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn. Mark is a positive reinforcement trainer certified through the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). He believes every dog deserves respect and every owner deserves an effective education plan tailored just for them. He works with dogs from all walks of life at any stage in their training journey to gain skills together until goals are met.

Last but not least, Brooke Whalley brings her expertise in Reiki energy treatments to help support dogs while they are learning important skills to succeed. Over time she has been incorporating her energy healing methods into her dog training sessions and has seen amazing results with clients who choose this option. When feelings go up obstacles tend to go down!

During your journey with Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn you are supported by these three committed individuals whose background and experience will provide you with the best tools to help your pup reach success!

In-depth Look at Services Offered

At Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn, we provide a variety of services to help your pup become a happy and healthy part of your family. From puppy socialization classes to one-on-one obedience training to agility courses, our certified instructors are ready to work with you and your best friend.

Puppy Socialization classes help to introduce puppies 6−14 weeks old to basic commands and create positive relationships between canines and their owners. Our instructors will work with you on sit, stay, come, leave it, down, heel walk and more! Depending on the age of your canine kid, they’ll also be introduced to crate training and housebreaking.

One-on-one obedience training provides personalized instruction tailored specifically for you and your pup. Whether you’re looking for an introduction course for basics or a more advanced set of commands for competition or certification purposes, our instructors can help design an individual plan that focuses around your pup’s unique needs.

We also offer individual agility courses for dogs 1 year and older. These courses provide mental stimulation as well as physical exercise by incorporating obstacle courses specially designed for each dog’s individual skillset. Popular commands such as weave poles, jumps hoops and tunnels are all featured activities in these classes—allowing pups to race against both time and themselves.

How to Train Your Dog to Heel While Walking

No matter what needs you have when it comes to dog training at Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn., our experienced team is ready to help guide your pup into becoming the very best companion possible!

Add a section on testimonials/reviews

At Augusta Dog Training in Long Lake MN, we have a long track record of success with our dog training programs. Our many happy clients have seen amazing results from our comprehensive approach. Here are some of the reviews and testimonials that they have shared with us:

“I’ve never been more impressed by any dog trainer than I am by Augusta Dog Training! My pup went from being wild and rebellious to an obedient angel. The whole experience was very rewarding. Highly recommend!” – Lindsey M.

“My Labrador was always so out of control, but after a few sessions with Augusta Dog Training, he was sitting, staying, and behaving perfectly! So grateful for their service. Couldn’t be happier!” – Jack H.

“I highly recommend the trainers at Augusta Dog Training if you want results that last. They provide quality training at an affordable price, and my pup listened better on the first try than she ever had before. Extremely pleased!” – Amy G.

Offer Guidance

At Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn, we are dedicated to helping dog owners achieve their goals and dreams for their beloved four-legged family members. We offer patient guidance and support along with tips and advice that will provide the tools necessary for successful training. Whether you’re looking to teach basic obedience or strengthen the bond you have with your canine companion, our team of experienced professionals can help. With a variety of methods and strategies, we provide positive reinforcement techniques that will allow your pup to learn the skills needed to make your dream a reality. Through guidance and reinforcement, our team can help create an environment where training is fun. We also provide helpful resources on nutrition, health, safety and more so you can ensure your pup is getting the best care possible as they journey through life by your side!

Organize counseling Services

Augusta Dog Training offers different counseling services to help address special behavioral issues with dogs. This includes behavior assessment, which helps make a diagnosis of any possible underlying causes of a dog’s problem behaviors; one-on-one sessions, where clients work with their dog and the trainer to learn how to properly manage their pet’s behaviors; group counseling sessions, which focus on teaching owners how to better control their dog in various daily situations; and canine socialization training that teaches the owner how to help dogs become comfortable around other animals. Additionally, we offer behavior modification protocols that are tailored to each individual dog and its unique needs. These protocols may involve desensitization (gradually exposing your pet to less aversive stimuli at much lower levels of intensity), counterconditioning (associating undesirable stimuli with desirable things so it becomes more desirable for pets), or reinforcement strategies (using rewards or punishments when an animal behaves a certain way).

How to Train a Dog to Not Be Reactive

Include Pictures and Videos

Augusta Dog Training Long Lake Mn is a top-rated training company that provides the very best in canine training. They provide residential and board & train programs, using positive reinforcement methods to help make your dog’s learning experience rewarding and enjoyable. Their experienced trainers will work with you and your pup to create a customized plan that is tailored to their individual needs.

Display photos of canine owners bringing their beloved pups to Augusta Dog Training for their first day, as well as pictures of them after training alongside their owners looking happy and proud having achieved all of their goals.

Video examples of successful milestones achieved during the training program should be included. This may include moments like when a pup learns how to sit, stay, or come on command; when they learn tricks such as fetching or rolling over; or when they do something potentially difficult such as calmly walking around other animals or people. By sharing these success stories with others, Augusta Dog Training can demonstrate how transformational this process can be for both two-legged and four-legged family members.

Discuss Interactive Activities

Interactive activities can be a great way to help strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Activities like fetch, hide-and-seek, or going on regular walks can give your pet the exercise they need while providing you both with quality time together. Training games like nose work are also great for stimulating both your dog’s mental and physical state, while at the same time encouraging positive interactions between you and your pet. Clicker training is also another great interactive activity that encourages communication and mutual respect, allowing for an efficient transfer of commands from you to your pet. There are plenty of other interactive activities that can be fun for both pet and owner – if Augusta Dog Training Long Lake MN offers classes in these activities, then it would definitely be worth looking into!

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