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Auburn University Dog Training could be the answer to transforming your life. This program, which is based in Auburn, Alabama, offers a unique approach to training dogs for companionship and service. It takes place at the university’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital where students and faculty from the Programs in Veterinary Medicine and Pathology collaborate on innovative strategies that combine traditional methods with scientific advances.

The Auburn University Dog Training Program places an emphasis on adapting instruction to both dogs’ individual needs and goals of their owners. Whether you are looking into having a family pet or wish to train a pup for second career opportunities as a service animal, Auburn University has everything needed for success. Through their curriculum-based education system, students develop an understanding of canine behavior and how it can be modified through positive reinforcement techniques including reward-based exercises suitable for the pet and its owner’s changing lifestyle.

By enrolling in the Auburn University Dog Training Program you will foster an understanding of canine behavior; provide an enriched environment for your pet; develop improved relationships with your pets through teaching commands; understand common health issues facing your dog; encourage safer environments by making sure your pet is socialized appropriately; increase performance standards in obedience competitions and more! Not only that but by participating in this uniquely designed teaching hand-in-hand experience, you have the opportunity to create long lasting relationships with others who share similar interests in providing training opportunities that promote responsible ownership practices all while making sure that all learning styles are addressed with personalized instruction.

Program Overview

Auburn University’s Dog Training Program offers courses created to help improve the bond between owners and their canine companions. This comprehensive program offers basic to advanced courses designed with canine behavioral principles in mind which emphasize both positive reinforcement and proper reward training methods.

The basic course is ideal for new dog owners, as it focuses on general obedience training, the importance of essential behaviors such as sit and stay, and covers topics including voice commands, leash-training basics, and socialization within a group setting. The intermediate level course is devoted to more intricate operations such as recall, down commands from a distance, leaving items on cue, addressing challenging behaviors, and proper nutrition-related techniques. In the advanced class, owners will learn off leash training techniques for agility course mastery, tips for teaching complex tricks like spins/jumps/retrieve items/weave through objects etc., problem-solving strategies when using modern technologies such as invisible fences etc., proper de-escalation techniques during walk routine interruptions due to environmental distractions etc., verbal communication reinforcement tactics in difficult scenarios like vet appointments etc..

In addition to enhancing the relationship between dog and owner, the Auburn University Dog Training Program also helps to create informed choice makers who can make decisions best suited for their pet’s emotional wellbeing. Furthermore participants receive practical experience by working with an array of rescue dogs from different breeds who are provided by local shelters throughout their time at Auburn. Not only does this broaden everyone’s appreciation of diverse animal behavior patterns but also helps increase adoption rates amongst potential rescuers attending the program.


Auburn University’s dog training programs explore a wide range of topics related to dog owners, trainers, and behaviorists. First and foremost, the program explores the basics of training puppies and adult dogs. It covers all aspects of puppy development including potty training, crate training, socialization, obedience commands, and proper nutrition. Additionally, it focuses on reducing destructive behaviors such as resource guarding, anxiety-related behaviors like barking or chewing on furniture, and separation issues with problem solving techniques.

The curriculum also provides an in-depth look at canine aggression prevention and management. This includes teaching owners how to recognize signs of potential aggression in their typically friendly pet before they become a larger issue. Trainers then use positive reinforcement methods to refocus the pup’s attention away from aggressive thoughts or fear stimuli; in turn helping them build trust for people or other animals through reward-based conditioning. The program also teaches behaviors that can reduce aggressive behavior such as (but not limited to) providing ample exercise opportunities for a short temper pooch!

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Finally, Auburn University’s dog training program provides many resources including public lectures on new animal welfare legislation laws as well as seminars where experts come together to discuss current treatment protocols for specific diseases affecting animals or posses tips on volunteer organization opportunities for pet owners/trainers interested in keeping animals safe from harm or neglect. Additionally there are several resources such as books who recommend specialized tools that help monitor dog behavior throughout their life span which will help trainers stay one step ahead of potential problem behaviors; important in order ensure owners have all the knowledge they need when it comes time to care for their beloved four legged friend.

Equipment Used

Auburn University Dog Training prides itself on using the latest and highest quality equipment in training. Equipment used varies depending on the type of dog and goals of the client, but all sessions are held with experienced trainers who have a comprehensive knowledge of canine behavior.

The most common pieces of equipment used are clickers, harnesses, head collars, leads, treat bags and flat collars. Clickers act as markers for positive behaviors and allow trainers to be more precise while providing feedback to the dogs. Harnesses can provide support during training drills such as walking or jogging without damaging the spine. Head collars allow trainers to better control dogs with strong temperaments. Leads can help manage difficult behaviors in tight spots or in high distraction environments like pet stores or veterinary offices. Treat bags enable owners and trainers to reward desirable behaviors with treats or toys during training sessions. Finally, flat collars provide a quick way to identify a particular dog among several present at once and connect them to their owner for individuals or group classes.

Auburn University Dog Training is committed to helping both owners and animals reach their fullest potential together by providing an engaging and effective learning environment utilizing current best practices from leading experts in animal behavior science.

Successful Trainers and Alumni

Auburn University’s dog training program has been producing successful trainers and alumni for decades. The graduates of the program have gone on to become top-tier trainers at high-level dog training centers, in addition to furthering their education at other esteemed universities across the country. All of the trainers who work with Auburn University’s dog training program devote themselves to helping students learn how to handle their dogs safely and effectively, ensuring them long-lasting relationships with their furry companions. Each trainer takes a hands-on approach when teaching students about different aspects of animal psychology and behavior, such as understanding the communication between animals and humans, as well as proper handling techniques. Many graduates also go on to become certified pet first aid instructors, joining various humane societies where they can teach others how to properly care for their own pets. Moreover, some alumni are even successful entrepreneurs who have created businesses around pet care or products that feature positive reinforcement strategies. By acquiring new knowledge related to providing better care for both humans and our four-legged friends alike, Auburn University’s dedicated team of teachers continue using their expertise to contribute nearly limitless possibilities — allowing its vibrant alumni network to go out into the world making a difference each day!

Community Involvement

Auburn University is highly dedicated to using their resources to serve the community at large and create meaningful and lasting solutions. From teaching veterans basic dog handling skills, to providing free service dogs to children in need, they are passionate about helping those around them. This commitment is evidenced through their commitment in offering free dog training programs throughout Alabama. Through these programs, Auburn University teaches people of all ages how to work with their dogs, understand their needs and establish better relationships between owners and pets. Participants learn how to effectively train a dog through positive reinforcement techniques such as clicker-training, shaping behaviors and rewarding good behavior. Not only this, but they also teach proper nutrition, exercise habits, leash control and other important elements of responsible pet ownership.

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What’s even more impressive is that the university has a program that specifically caters to veterans who have difficulty in getting the proper care for themselves and/or their dog. The Veterans Dog Training Program provides personalized instruction and assessment for both veteran and pet so that veterans can gain the skills needed for successful pet ownership experiences. Furthermore, the university offers a wide range of seminars that cover everything from canine first aid, conservation issues affecting wildlife in Alabama, volunteer duties on an animal rescue team and much more; thereby allowing community members an opportunity to get involved with animal education initiatives without having any prior experience with animals whatsoever. The bottom line is that Auburn University puts its resource use towards making sure that its neighbors have good access to canine advice or support when needed; thereby strengthening human-animal bonds throughout communities in Alabama.

Benefits of Enrolling

Enrolling at Auburn University for dog training has numerous benefits. First and foremost, it is cost-effective. Taking classes with a professional trainer online can be expensive, but by enrolling in the program, you will save money on both tuition and travel. You will also benefit from convenience since this program can be taken fully remotely. This means that you can take classes without having to adhere to any particular schedule and without having to leave home. Moreover, all courses are designed and taught by experienced professionals; these experts have the knowledge and expertise to help train your dog optimally. Additionally, students have access to a faculty of renowned Canine Professional coaches who can provide valuable resources such as interactive digital lessons as well as written tutorials and exercises that will guide you in reinforcing key concepts. Finally, upon completion of the course you are granted certification which serves as proof that you have extensively studied important principles in dog training. When all is said it done, Auburn University is an excellent choice for anyone looking for top quality dog training services at an affordable price.


At Auburn University, we are proud to offer our dog training program for those who wish to teach their pup how to become better behaved and more obedient. This professional and effective six-week class is perfect for any dog parent looking to enhance their furry friend’s behavior. With the help of our team of expert trainers, your pooch can become well-mannered and respectful both at home and beyond. By enrolling in this program, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a happy, well-adjusted pet with proper manners that can be taken anywhere; from a family picnic to a long walk in the park. We highly encourage all pet owners to take advantage of this reliable program as it will promote positive habits that last a lifetime. With our experienced staff and supportive environment, your pet will receive the guidance necessary to have a successful learning experience.

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