Argus Dog Training

Introducing Argus Dog Training and Its History

Argus Dog Training first opened its doors over 35 years ago with a focus on providing professional, comprehensive dog training services to owners of all breeds and locations. The founders of Argus saw an urgent need for more accessible and specialized dog-training services that could help to reduce the stress, confusion and negative behaviors among both pup and owners alike.

Since its inception, Argus Dog Training has been growing steadily ever since. This rapid expansion is down to their dedicated team of certified canine behavior experts who use reward-based methods to teach puppies and adult dogs basic obedience commands, focusing on consistency and patience. Argus also offers unique classes such as Scent Detection, Agility, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification preparation as well as many other specialty classes specific to certain breeds or types of dogs like Hounds or Pit Bulls amongst others. They have also worked hard to make these training objectives accessible not only in their own centers but across the nation by developing their own app so pet-parents can have a full library of instructional videos at their fingertips no matter where they are located.

At Argus Dog Training they take great pride in helping people build strong relationships with their furry friends based on trust and respect. This has helped them become one of the most sought-after organizations within professional training circles with clients from all over the country who come for advice about any type of canine related matter – be it big or small matters like socialization, leadership skills or behavioral problems such as aggression issues.

Overview of Services

Argus Dog Training is a professional dog training service that offers a wide range of services designed to help dogs achieve their full potential. Argus Dog Training strives to create an environment of kindness and respect while helping owners gain the confidence they need to understand their dogs better. In addition to providing traditional techniques, such as leash walking and obedience commands, Argus Dog Training also uses advanced behavioural solutions that are tailored to each dog’s individual traits and needs. From crate training, house breaking and potty training to addressing anxiety, aggression or excessive barking issues, Argus Dog Training has the skills and knowledge necessary to help address any challenges dogs may face. Additionally, for owners interested in sharpening professional skills or preparing their fur friend for advanced competitions, Argus provides guidance in sports fundamentals such as agility and Frisbee training. Finally, Argument Dog Training encourages pet owners adhere to a regular routine of patient reinforcement combined with fun activities that promote trust and relationship building between furry companions and their family members.

Benefits of Training

Argus Dog Training is a comprehensive program designed to provide you and your pet with the best possible experiences. Our experienced professionals work directly with you and your furry friend, introducing them to basics of being a well-mannered pet. The program is based on the latest Positive Reinforcement Training methods, which rely on reward and praise to encourage desired behaviors. Through proper training, we seek to achieve optimum results for both owner and dog.

Our goal at Argus Dog Training is to help create an obedient, calm companion who can safely enjoy interactions with other people, dogs, and animals of all kinds. We establish clear boundaries for acceptable behavior that can be followed at home or out in public settings. Our trainers excel in teaching both owners and their pets how to interact with each other effectively when controlling behaviors such as digging, jumping, stealing food off countertops or tables, barking excessively and refusing commands or directions. We also work with people to introduce basic obedience skills such as housebreaking and crate training in a positive way. Additionally, our team members are dedicated to showing pet owners ways of avoiding common pitfalls that lead to difficult behaviors in canine companions so they can have positive social encounters at home as well as when visiting friends or relatives.

In addition to providing best-in-class training methods for achieving desirable behavior from your canine companion, Argus Dog Training also offers one-on-one consultations. During your consultation we will analyze your individualized needs and discuss strategies that will work best for you and your pup! After the initial assessment period has been completed we will provide additional private coaching sessions tailored specifically for you and your pet’s unique needs depending on age, breed type etc., which may include special instructions regarding leash walking etiquette, specific commands aimed at curbing threatening behaviors around other animals as well as guests visiting the home environment etc., plus much more! Not only do we strive hard every day to help owners form strong bonds with their beloved canine companions but also develop good communication based on mutual respect between humans and dogs through excellence in command training capabilities using Positive Reinforcement Success Strategies (PRSS). When implemented correctly these techniques often result in calmer happier dogs who are far less likely to display negative or destructive actions while in public environments or around new people they meet outside their own homes too.

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Results of Training

Argus Dog Training has an impressive collection of success stories that demonstrate the incredible results their clients have experienced after attending training classes. From Golden Retrievers learning basic commands such as sit and stay, to Boxers responding to household rules like no jumping on furniture, Argus Dog Training has demonstrated their ability to help all types of dogs learn and grow. Many owners report that their pup’s behavior has vastly improved after only a few training sessions with Argus. Whether it is walking politely on a leash without pulling or barking upon command, Argus helps dogs learn obedience quickly and efficiently. Some customers are so impressed with the results that they continue to refer others in need of pet training services. Not only do these referrals spread the positive word about Argus Dog Training’s services, but they also provide testament to how much of an impact one organization can have on the lives of its furry four-legged clients. In addition, former trainees are complete successes themselves; they show off unbelievable results in yearly agility competitions, therapy dog activities, and doggie socials.

On-Site Training Options

Argus Dog Training offers convenient on-site visits, bringing the professional instructors to you so that you can receive the necessary training with ease. An Argus-certified trainer will coordinate a scheduling appointment that fits into your family’s schedule, whether it be in the evening, weekend or even potentially during a lunch break. During this visit, the certified instructor will provide personalized help through rewards-based positive reinforcement methods to address any behavioral issues such as barking, jumping and leash aggression. The goal of the on-site items is to empower owners to better communicate with their pup while providing them essential tools they need. To build structure long term, one-on-one coaching (where applicable) as well as group classes are recommended for continued use of learning when on location training sessions end.

On-site visits from Argus Dog Training are designed to bring easy convenience and professional instruction to dog owners and their furry companion. The certified trainers prioritize tailoring their services to meet the needs of each pup and owner as well help improve overall behavior issues with positive reinforcement practices including commands, proper leash walking, establishing boundaries within the home and more. The visits are also intended to create ongoing progress whereupon completion of an on-site session owners may want further guidance via one-on-one coaching or group classes offered by Argus Dog Training which promote continual improvement in communication between pups and their owners.

Adaptable Training Plans

Argus Dog Training offers an innovative approach to pet training that focuses on adapting plans to fit your pet’s unique learning style. We use a variety of positive reinforcement methods such as treats, verbal praise, and clicker training to both encourage and reward good behavior. We also understand that every dog is different, so our experienced trainers will custom-tailor a plan specifically for your pup in order to target specific behaviors or obedience commands you’d like them to learn. All of our plans are designed to provide repetition and consistency—two key elements when it comes to successful dog training—while also making sure your pooch is having fun during each session! We take into account various environmental factors such as humidity, noise level, and temperature because these can all have an impact on your dog’s level of engagement. Our goal is to help strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend by making the process of teaching new tricks an enjoyable experience for both of you!

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Professional Trainers

At Argus Dog Training, our highly trained and certified team of professional trainers bring years of experience to ensure that your beloved pet is in safe hands. All of our dog trainers are committed to providing the highest quality training available. We take pride in delivering effective, positive reinforcement techniques that guarantee the best results quickly and safely. Our trainers are passionate about helping owners train their dogs to be obedient, well-behaved canines.

Our team is knowledgeable in a range of different approaches from basic puppy obedience to advanced skillsets for retrieving, agility, scent work and other requests. Argus Dog Training believes in using humane forms of animal training whenever possible; we respect the bond between canine and owner; therefore, we employ modern reinforcement techniques with an emphasis on reward-based methods instead of traditional punishment models which have been proven to yield poor results. We believe this helps establish long-lasting relationships between pets and their owners while also promoting a positive learning atmosphere. In addition to basic tips and advice for canine behaviour, our expert trainers can provide owners with answers to difficult questions or help produce customised training plans tailored specifically for their pet’s needs. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate diverse learning styles and behavioural issues such as anxiety or aggression — no matter how seemingly daunting the task might appear! Together with our compassionate approach towards canine development, we guarantee satisfying results you will love!

Financial Options

Argus Dog Training offers a variety of financial options so that you can easily fit training into your budget. Their flexible payment program allows clients to customize the fee structure of their program to meet their individual needs and lifestyle. Whether you need to make monthly payments, pay in full up front, or use a combination of both, Argus Dog Training has you covered. Plus, they offer convenient discounts for military service members and senior citizens, making it even easier to find cost-effective solutions for dog training. They understand that quality dog training isn’t always easy to come by which is why they work with each client individually to create a comprehensive and tailored solution that meets your needs without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking for cost-effective solutions that allow you to get the most out of your budget while ensuring your pup gets the best possible training, look no further than Argus Dog Training.


Argus Dog Training is the perfect destination for individuals who are looking to train their dog. They offer a variety of classes that cover skills such as basic obedience, advanced obedience, puppy socialization, agility, and trick training. In addition to these practical classes, they also provide insight into better understanding canine behavior and how to interact with pets in a positive manner when rewards and corrections may be necessary.

At Argus Dog Training, all clients can expect professional training from experienced instructors who are truly dedicated to helping teach pet owners how to best meet their dogs’ needs. Their team pays close attention to every detail about each dog and creates individualized lesson plans for clients that take into account the pet’s unique temperament, lifestyle and health requirements. This ensures that regardless of breed or age, each dog is getting the proper coaching they need in order to flourish.

Furthermore, Argus Dog Training offers complimentary check-ins between lessons to review any progress made by owners and their pets. This level of ongoing support helps ensure clients have maintain consistency in their work so they can see progress quickly. Clients can even choose private sessions or group lessons depending on personal preferences or time constraints. Ultimately this comprehensive approach pledges excellent results as well as stronger connections between dogs and owners alike.

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