Ann Gafke Dog Training Columbia Mo

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Ann Gafke Dog Training in Columbia, Mo offers a variety of classes and private training sessions to best meet the needs of all dogs.

Leash walking classes help your pup learn how to properly walk on a leash without discomfort or pulling. Lessons taught in this class include basic knowledge on different leashes, commands such as heel, sit, and wait, as well as proper training techniques.

Potty training classes are available to help with teaching puppies and older dogs alike proper potty habits. This class includes various tips on crate training, body language cues for pottying, rewards for doing it correctly, and how to clean up accidents correctly.

Obedience training is another option offered by Ann Gafke Dog Training that helps dog owners learn how to best interact with their pets using vocal commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it. This class also covers topics such as housebreaking etiquette and introducing a new pet into the home.

Basic manners classes are ideal for puppies new to the home where they can learn appropriate behavior in public settings while interacting with people and other animals safely. Dogs will also learn their name and recall basics during this course which builds foundation skills that are transferable later on as they grow older.

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Ann Gafke Dog Training is a top-notch provider of canine training in Columbia, Missouri. Founder Ann Gafke has worked with hundreds of dogs over the years and understands how to effectively train them to become well mannered, happy members of a household. Through the use of positive reinforcement and reward based practices, Ann helps clients understand all aspects of dog behavior and how to properly care for their animal. Clients are encouraged to share photos of before and after their dog’s stay with Ann, showcasing the long lasting effects that proper training can have on a pup’s behavior. By teaching owners the necessary skills to successfully manage their pet’s behavior as needed, Ann Gafke Dog Training sets itself apart from its competitors by ensuring long lasting obedience and building lasting relationships between families and their furry friends.

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Ann Gafke Dog Training Columbia Mo provides a variety of services for dog owners in the Columbia, Missouri area. Services include puppy training, adult dog training and daycare services. The duration of the sessions range from short, one-time visits to a customized program plan.

Pricing for services ranges depending on the type and duration of the service requested. One-time visits or puppy classes may cost around $50 while multiple session packages start at $200 or more. Private lessons are available with prices starting at $80 per hour. In addition, customers have the option to purchase gift certificates.

The mode of training used depends on the situation and is designed to work best with each individual pup and their needs, however positive reinforcement utilizing various reward systems is generally employed. Ann also advises owners on housebreaking, socialization and lifestyle modifications that can help create a lasting relationship between owner and animal. She has had an extensive career in dog obedience training for more than two decades and her staff are experienced professionals as well as lifelong pet owners and dog enthusiasts.

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“Ann Gafke is the best dog trainer I know! She took my nervous little pup and turned him into a confident, obedient pup in just a few weeks. Ann knows how to get through to our furry friends – she was patient and kind from the start. We now take our pup on all kinds of adventures, knowing he will listen and obey us when we need him to. I can’t recommend Ann enough!” -Claire R., Columbia, MO

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Ann Gafke Dog Training Columbia Mo offers top-notch professional dog training services in the Columbia, Missouri area. This team is dedicated to helping owners train their pets for a variety of purposes, from teaching basic obedience to more complex skills. Here are some external links to valuable resources and information related to dog training:

1. Animal Behavioral College – provides educational programs for aspiring trainers who want to learn best practices when it comes to dog training.
2. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers – List of Approved Training Programs from which users can search for certified program instructors near them.
3. Dog Training Nation – Comprehensive collection of free articles and videos covering important topics related to positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques.
4. Petco Positive Dog Training – Offers classes designed to build trust between pet and owner with humane, respectful methods based on reward-based positive reinforcement techniques.
5. American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program – A two part test that awards dogs for exemplary behavior when interacting with humans and other animals in everyday settings as well as during an emergency situation.

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