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Welcome to Ankeny Dog Training! We specialize in helping dogs (and their owners) become the happiest versions of themselves. Our focus is on developing a strong bond between you and your pup, teaching basic commands and behaviors, honing socialization skills, and proper obedience training. If that all seems overwhelming, fear not – we’re here to make it fun!

At Ankeny Dog Training, our staff has experience in dealing with all kinds of issues dog owners may face. From puppies who don’t understand boundaries to adult dogs experiencing anxiety or aggression … from teaching basic commands to helping pick the perfect dog for you and your family. We understand that each canine requires an individual approach and it is our goal to make sure every pet parent grows alongside their pup as both embark on a lifetime journey together.

Our comprehensive program aims to build relationships between people and their four-legged friends by fostering trustworthiness, respect and communication. Whether your pup just needs a little bump up in basic manners or has more serious issues at hand, we have the tools and knowledge required to help find the best solution for both of you. So come explore our resources and get started on building a better bond with your beloved pup today!

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Ankeny Dog Training provides a unique opportunity for owners to hone their pet-training skills. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers use positive, reward-oriented training techniques that are humane and beneficial for both pet and owner. Through obedience classes, agility training, and other activities, owners can teach their dogs new behaviors that will make life more enjoyable for everyone in the home.

By attending Ankeny Dog Training, owners can look forward to seeing an improvement in their dog’s behaviors such as increased responsiveness to commands, better respect of boundaries through recall exercises or staying off furniture/away from personal items when asked. Additionally, our agility courses focus on tasks like tunnels and jumps that not only provide physical exercise but mental stimulation as well. These activities build trust between the dog and owner while also strengthening their bond.

For those with occasional bad habits, our specialists provide advice on how to manage disruptive behavior in a non-aggressive way by utilizing redirection techniques instead of punishment or yelling. With this guidance, owners can learn how to effectively interact with their pup’s true nature leading to longer lasting solutions so they feel more secure in handling difficult issues on their own in the future.

Expand Understanding Dog Behavior

Ankeny Dog Training provides educational programs to help dog owners and guardians properly train their pets. Our approach to canine behavior emphasizes the importance of understanding and assessing how the environment can shape a dog’s behavior. We understand the profound impact human emotions have on dogs, puppies and other animals living in close proximity with people and how it can impact their behavior. Our experienced trainers work with clients to create boundaries while also working with the dog or puppy to instill good habits and manners. We provide education on teaching basic commands and obedience training, as well as addressing common issues like excessive barking and chewing, destructive behaviors, aggression and other behavioral issues. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement methods, we stress the importance of providing consistent guidance in order for the animal to learn._

We believe that when given proper guidance, most dogs will naturally develop habits that promote safety, respectfulness towards humans and other animals along with obedience that helps them better integrate into the human world. We are proud to offer informative seminars so that pet owners can gain a better understanding of why their canine companion behaves in certain ways, how environmental factors influence this behavior and what specific actions can be taken to coach their pets effectively.

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Expand The Training Process at Ankeny Dog Training

At Ankeny Dog Training, we understand that it is important to motivate your dog with praise and rewards. It is essential to provide treats and verbal praises every time your pup follows a given command or task as this will encourage them to keep up the good work. Additionally, make sure you keep treats small but tasty so they won’t be distracted when trying to train them.

To develop problem-solving skills in your dog, use treats as rewards for solving puzzles. This will help teach them how to think through problems and practice patience. Additionally, use clickers to shape their behavior by giving treats for targeted behaviors such as walking on a leash or sitting on command.

It is also important to keep up with training routines so that dogs know what behavior is expected of them. Change up activities every now and then so that your pup does not become bored with just one activity at a time . Make sure to use clear commands when teaching new tasks; this will help strengthen communication between you and your pup and ensure that both of you remain patient while learning.

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Common Misconceptions About Ankeny Dog Training:
1) Dog trainers only focus on obedience – This is false. Although obedience is an important aspect of training, it’s far from the only thing Ankeny Dog Trainers teach. Ankeny dog trainers offer a wide range of education and enrichment activities to promote a strong bond between pets and owners that go beyond simply mastering obedience commands. These activities can include teaching tricks and helping to manage challenging behaviors, such as aggression or anxiety.

2) Only young dogs need to be trained – This is false. Though puppies may benefit most from formal training because they are still learning correct behavior decisions and habits, dogs of all ages can learn, unlearn, and relearn new behaviors with patience and guidance, regardless of the animal’s age. Therefore, all dog owners should consider enrolling their pet in a class or seeking professional help if needed.

3) Training requires punishment- Based methodology – No! Positive reinforcement based training methods are the most commonly used by today’s professional dog trainers for a reason: it’s effective! Training based on positive reinforcement has been proven to provide faster results than other methods as it encourages your pup to work for rewards and treats rather than fear of punishment.

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Ankeny Dog Training offers a variety of activities for new dog owners. One of the most popular is taking your dog to the dog park. Here, dogs can run around together and play with one another in an off-leash environment. This can help build their confidence and improve their socialization skills. Another great activity is entering competitions or agility courses; these are fun and challenging ways to put your pup’s skills to the test, as well as reward them for how far they have come in training! Ankeny Dog Training also offers classes geared specifically towards preparing you and your dog to compete in official Obedience Trials and other canine sport events. Finally, if none of these activities sounds like something you want to do, Ankeny Dog Training still has plenty of specialized services that will help make obedience-training more successful for you and your pet. Some popular options include private lessons, home visits, puppy preschool programs, behavior consultations and more!

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Expand Troubleshooting and Adjustments

Ankeny Dog Training identifies several possible causes of unwanted behaviors, including a lack of understanding of the desired behavior and incorrect training techniques from owners. Other potential causes can include environmental factors, genetic predisposition, and medical issues. To address unwanted behaviors, Ankeny Dog Training includes troubleshooting exercises to identify the root cause of the problem and assess how to best modify these conditions. These can include observing the canine during interactions with other animals or people; adjusting atmospheres such as noise levels or smells in order to find the optimal stimulation level for success; changing negative reinforcement techniques for positive ones; and providing needed socialization or exercise to reduce anxiety and redirect energy away from disruptive activities. Ankeny Dog Training also offers plenty of resources — including verbal communication skills, relationship building activities, clicker training techniques — to support owners in addressing their dogs’ behavioral issues while simultaneously developing positive relationships between human and canines.

Update Testimonials

Many trainers have experienced positive changes since switching to Ankeny Dog Training. Many have said that the training protocol is easy to follow and understand, and it results in happier, better-behaved dogs that are a pleasure to work with. Trainers have reported greater cohesion within their packs and increased obedience in the dogs they are working with. They also report increased confidence when handling difficult situations with their canine students.

To stay motivated while working with Ankeny Dog Training, it’s important to remember why you chose this training method in the first place — The rewards of seeing your dog thrive are worth the effort! Keep yourself on track by reviewing your progress often and setting short-term milestones as you work towards long-term goals. Be sure to reward your pup as often as possible for small successes along the way — treats, verbal praise, games…positive reinforcement can go a long way! Finally, if you ever feel stuck or lack motivation, reach out for help from other dog trainers or look up additional resources online about Ankeny Dog Training for some inspiration.

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At Ankeny Dog Training, we understand how important it is for owners to have a strong bond and understanding of their new furry family member(s). We work to provide experienced, professional training for both the canine and human sides of any relationship. Our proven methods are based on trust, respect, consistency and positive reinforcement so that both parties can enjoy the journey together. We help dogs learn acceptable behaviors while promoting an increased appreciation of each other’s wants and needs. When you’re with us, you can be assured that you and your canine companion will be on the same page–learning how to communicate in ways that are enjoyable and effective for both beings. Ultimately our goal is to make sure you establish a special bond with your dog while creating a successful and lasting relationship. With Ankeny Dog Training, owners can rest assured that they will receive the guidance needed to build a harmonious relationship between themselves and their canine companions.

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